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Community Sustainable Initiatives Link (COSIL) was founded in the year 2001 by members of the community to precipitate productive collaboration among communities, rural interest groups, professional development animators, government institutions and individuals. This was out of the realization that most development interventions in the rural areas lack adequate community involvement when the target communities stand on the recipient side only.

COSIL considers collaboration at two ideal levels namely the intra and inter organizational collaboration.........
Our Background
Since its inception, COSIL has prioritized diversification and commercialization of agriculture among small holder farmers, micro enterprise development, value addition and sustainable marketing as some of the important strategies for increasing incomes and consequently improving livelihoods for the rural poor women.

COSIL has through the years placed a significant bias on promoting upland rice as a non traditional cash crop for both food and incomes. This intervention started with just 70 farmers and has since increased to 600 farmers in 2008 and 1500 farmers in 2011 producing upland rice per season. There are yet many more farmers now producing upland rice in our areas of operation through a voluntary multiplier effect.